Sleek and swift with a built-in element of surprise. It’s what made for a legendary fighter plane, a beautiful and formidable killer. Same goes for equally deadly Spitfire, the pistons pounding, barrels-blazing first offering from Montreal rockers Polista. It’s a song that gives a nod to its namesake in similarly soaring style, a no-nonsense statement maker from this prodigiously talented new duo.

Formed by singer/multi-instrumentalist Mat Joly and singer/multi-instrumentalist Alex D. in the summer of 2014, Polista channels the pair’s shared musical interests and influences – game changers like The Stone Roses, Jane’s Addiction, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Primal Scream – through a transformative filter that is wholly their own. The result is big: big guitars and electronic beats backing sky-high choruses, made all the more impressive by the twosome’s uncannily complementary twin vocals attack. Also on the huge side? Their respect for one another.

“Mat’s will to succeed and dedication strongly motivated me to work with him,” says Alex. “His experience is also definitely a plus for this project. We listen to the same bands and have the same influences, so when we work together, great things happen. Mat’s a hard worker, a passionate musician, a very talented writer and the best partner I’ve ever had.”

Joly seconds that emotion. “Working with Alex has been a breath of fresh air,” he says, noting that while the two went to high school together, they only recently came to actually know one another. “I think we’re a perfect match musically and we’ve also developed a real friendship. Sharing the same influences and goals means writing music that has, we hope, the potential to be timeless.”

That music will come in the form of Polista’s forthcoming, self-titled debut EP, featuring the aforementioned monster of a song Spitfire, as well as equally standout tracks like the infectious, psychedelia-inflected riff rocker Ain’t Never Enough and the ridiculously catchy, summery and upbeat Never Let You Down. As opening salvos go, these songs mark Polista’s shot-like entry onto the scene, and fans of brainy and ballsy rock be warned: you’re in the line of fire.

-Jamie O’Meara